Lucid Dreams



What is "Lucid Dream"?

A lucid dream is any kind of dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.
Entering into a state of lucid dreaming opens up before us a whole new world. The world
in which we are not limited by the laws of physics or own weaknesses. In this world we
can fulfill our deepest fantasies and experience things that are impossible in the real
Lucid dreams can also be used in fight against the nightmares or as a tool to know your

How does the Lucid Dreams app actually work?

The application uses the proven methods to lucid dream, such as remembering the content
of our dreams and reality testing.
Remembering dreams and being aware of their existence is crucial to achieve lucidity. It
is proven that frequently there are repetitive elements in our dreams. Sadly we rarely
remember the content of our dreams and even if we remember that we usually quickly forget
our dreams and are not aware of these elements. Thanks to this application You will be
able to record the content of Your dreams. Recorder connected to the calendar will give
You the opportunity to maintain a proper dreams journal, and with the 'favorite dreams'
option You will have the opportunity to have Your favorite dreams, and dreams with
repeating elements in one place.
Application gives You several options for reality testing. You can run continuous reality
test with time intervals or set up alarm for specified time. When selected time occurs an
alarm with one of the tests you have chosen will run and inform You to provide the test.
If You don't want to be disturbed by annoying continuous alarms You can change them to
simple notifications.

Let's start Your adventure with Lucid Dreams!

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