MAARS Global TV is our FREE 1st version Beta product that provides you with live and recorded TV broadcasts and programming including serial TV shows and movies* from dozens of countries and in dozens of languages.

Like all developments on or around MAARS, the MAARS TV project is our start towards bringing mobile entertainment and education broadcasting to our MAARS members. Our vTweetIT Pro, myLawyersos, mySOS, Oracle Slot and other services are MAARS basic "utilities" and services for a growing global community.

We are not the biggest, richest or fanciest company or services. What we are is a pioneering small group slowly organizing itself. We welcome you and your friends to MAARS TV and the growing MAARS community.

*This is a beta product. Some functionality may not yet exist. Updates will be constant. To "skip" or "select" as a favorite channel will soon be available. You can also go to , obtain a MAARS passport and add any channel you want to MAARS TV and in this way "customize" your viewing experiences.

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