The meal in daily life that made the homemade dish a center was made a photograph collection.

・Tomato and tuna's pasta
・Grill of tomato, tuna, new onion, and consomme asparagus
・Mayonnaise source cliff of new onion and sausage
・Chicken cheese cutlet curry
・Curry of pig rose and tomato
・Chicken [teri] bowl
・[Fuwatoro] omelet
・Hen of the woods and saute of ham
・Lobster dumpling
・Muffin of coffee liqueur and walnut
・Chinese noodle in soy sauce-flavored soup
・Easy hamburger steak
・Salt stir-frying of qing-geng-cai
・Custard chiffon cake
・Pork bowl
・Salad of new onion though it is new
・Fry without coating large vigor
・Salad of new onion though it is new
・Bamboo basket noodle wakame seaweed affixing
・Nearby of chicken and mushroom
・[Tomatopasuta] of Chinese cabbage and shimeji mushroom
・Stir-frying boiling of becoming empty seaweed
・Cool noodle
・[Asa**] [tamagodonburi]
・Red fish's bean jam imposing box lunch
・Sweet vinegar bean jam box lunch of pork and spring vegetables
・Polk curry
・Vegetable cheese salad

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