Magic 8 Ball of Chalk



Use this free Magic 8 Ball made with... chalk :)

Yes, this is a funny yet simple Magic 8-Ball like app that uses a green chalkboard as theme. It is very user-friendly and intuitive to use.

No complex usage or useless configurations/options... just think on a yes/no question and shake or touch the ball of wisdom to get your answer, within the existing 20 from the classic device/game. Answer will not be only text... the ball will also speak it out loud to you.

In life (personal issues, school, work, social, love, sex, friendship, and many more areas) you will have more situations than you think, where you will need some immediate answers for immediate questions.

No more horoscope needed! You are not so confident about your hunches or your own intuition? So, just ask this "oracle" ball and it will help you about your future, by giving you good advices and guidance based on prediction.

It's quite nice to have this app when you need to take an hard decision and don't know what to do!

Just have fun and enjoy this app!

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