Magic Tricks Revealed



This is for all the budding David Blaine's and Dynamo's out there! 220 video lesons on magic tricks revealed. There are card, coin, rubber band and many other themed tricks that will keep you and your your friends amazed and entertained.

You may even get a few free drinks at the bar when you perform some of these amazing tricks - but remember practice makes perfect!

The first 22 tricks are included with the purchase and others can be added at any time.

Sample Tricks:
The Twice Burnt Match Dinner Table Magic Trick
How To Remove A Bill From Under A Glass
Card Flick
Rising Card
Business Card Magic Trick - Tutorials
Coin Bar Trick
Amazing Lighter Trick
Coin Thru Elbow
Coin In Glass
Jumping Card - Brilliant
How To Do Street Magic
Worlds Greatrest Coint Tricks
Hankerchief Coin Vanish
Fist Squeeze Coin Vanish
Coin Matrix
3 Card Monte
Bendy Coin
Coin Thru Glass
Three Digit Prediction Magic Trick Revealed
Follow The Leader
Dice Rolling Magic Trick Revealed
Ring & Rope Magic Trick Revealed
Magic Knot Trick Using Rope
Secret Of The Fantastic Five Magic
Magic Rope Trick
Floating Ball Magic Trick
Simple Magic Trick For Parties
1 Handed Fan
How To Perform The Floating Cup Trick
Magic Cup Trick
Different Color Monte
The Rubber Band Up The Nose Illusion
Eight Card Brain Wave Illusion
Four Aces Illusion
The Red & Black Trick
One Handed Knot
Cup Shuffle
The Penetrating Pinky Illusion
Finger Palm Vanishing Illusion
Street Magic
The French Drop Illusion
The Jumping Paper Clip
How To Make A Salt Shaker Disappear
How To Make A Coin Disappear
Bending Spoon Magic Trick
Coin From Behind The Ear Trick
Three Card Monte Card Trick
How To Perform The Key Card Trick
How To Make A Coin Disappear In A Hand
How To Make A Coin Vanish
World's Greatest Card Trick
Card Switch
How To Do The Put A Dollar In An Orange Magic Trick
A Routine Idea For Dinner Table Magic
The Crying Spoon Dinner Table Magic Trick
The Invisible Cow Dinner Table Magic Trick
The Jumping Match Head Dinner Table Magic Trick
The Appearing Candle Dinner Table Magic Trick
Spoon To Knife Dinner Table Magic Trick
Levitating Spoon Dinner Table Magic Trick
Swallowing A Knife Dinner Table Magic Trick
The Matchstick Penetration Dinner Table Magic Trick
3 Predicted Cards
Mathmatical Trick
The Spoon Mind Bend Dinner Table Magic Trick
Electrostatic Toothpick Dinner Table Magic Trick
Knife Through A Napkin Dinner Table Magic Trick
Shrinking Napkin Magic Trick - Rick Thomas
Lapping Dinner Table Magic Trick
Broken & Restored Toothpick Dinner Table Magic Trick
Explanation Of Glass Thru The Table Magic Tricks
Jumping Gemini Card Trick
Learn Street Magic Tricks Right Now Amazing Magic
Mentalism Trick
Magic Tricks
Coin Magic Trick
How To Levitate A Card
How To Do Magic
How To Eat And Restore A Dollar Bill
Pencil Trick Tutorial
How To Do The World's Best Banana Trick
The Floating Card Trick Explained
Jumping Jacks Card Trick
Card Trick
Spinning Card Explained
How To Force A Card
Best Beginner Card Trick
4 Questions Card Trick Revealed
4 Aces To The Top
21 Card Trick
The Finger Pulse
Queen Change
Say Stop Card Trick
This N' That
Worlds Greatest Card Trick
4 By 4 Card Prediction
Buckeye (Tutorial)
How To Make A Marked Deck
Card In Ashes
Mentalism Card Pick
Bank Robbing Jacks
Spell Your Card
673 King Street
False Cuts
Money To Burn
Card Box Monte
A Spin Change
Snap Change
Iphone Rising Card
Elmsley Count Tutorial
Mind Reader
King On King St - Tutorial
Jack The Bounty
Credit Card Pick Trick - Revealed
Ribbon Spread Tutorial
Flash Change
Best Card Force - Revealed
Houdini's Rubber Band Card Trick - Revealed
Pretty Cool Magic Trick Revealed
Crazy Cool Trick
Anti Gravity Water Magic Trick
How To Steal A Watch Right Off His Wris
How To Do The Floating Match Card Trick
Magic Tricks Revealed
Dancing Matches Bar Magic Trick
Very Cool Bar Trick
Bar Tricks : The Paper Clip Bar Trick
Amazing Bar Tricks..Make Friends Look Dumb
Very Cool Bar Trick
The Bottle Cap Bar Trick
Coin Puzzle

and many more!

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