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106.7 Mara FM Bandung is the leading radio station in Bandung that plays popular
and selective music, mainly the adult contemporary. The announcers also keep the
listeners updated on light news and hot issues.

Formerly known as 'Radio Mara', Mara FM was one of the pioneers of private
broadcasting in the country. Founded by a group of college students in late 60s
with a vision that free media could empower the society, the radio achieved great
popularity and commercial success in the 70s and 80s and has a big influence to
local popular culture. In the 90s the radio changed format to be the first private-
owned news radio in the country, and regained its popularity and social influence.
After the 1998 Reform Movement in Indonesia, in the following decade the radio
changed back the format to be more music-oriented, while still retaining the radio-
journalism culture and public service attitude when providing the scripted content and
delivering talk shows.

Currently, most Mara FM programs like the Morning Show, Audiozine, Evening Lite
and the Top 10 Countdown target the young-adult listeners that prefer popular 90s
and Adult Contemporary hits, and like to keep updated on various urban issues.
The radio also retains some special programs, such as Blues Mara and public
consultation to enrich its content.

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