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Unlike other chatterbots, Mega Android slowly learns from what you talk to it about, and then starts making up sentences of its own.

An implementation of the popular MegaHAL, Mega Android now allows you to chat with the chatterbot on your Android device.

How it works:

Mega Android is an implementation of the popular MegaHAL, a computer conversation simulator, or a "chatterbot" as it's commonly called. Developed in the late 90s by Jason Hutchens, the intent of this program is to appear as a human fluent in a natural language.

Different from most chatterbots, however, MegaHAL learns from what you teach it. As you talk to it, MegaHAL remembers what you say, and starts making up sentences of its own.

MegaHAL will sometimes respond with coherent sentences, and at other times with complete gibberish. This is why at first, MegaHAL will probably make no sense. Keep talking to it, however, and you'll find that it will eventually make more sense - sometimes replying humorously!

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