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It is the Android app that combines some of the features, such as viewing and SNS YouTube video of MEGWIN TV.
There is a bug fix or add features, we recommend that you enable automatic updates.

- Watch the video YouTube New MEGWIN TV
· Watch a video of the same day of the five-year public
· You can see in the continuous playback a playlist
• You can buy goods such as DVD
• Search for a video of past MEGWIN TV
· See tweets MEGWIN TV members
- View pictures taken by MEGWIN
• Check the information, such as plans for future activities

MEGWINTV Ltd. utilizing YouTube video-sharing site primarily
It is a video production company that operates the website.
Taken from planning to sing "and interesting video daily", to edit,
I have to upload on the WEB.

The concept is "I'm on-demand to me!"
Create a video that I think is interesting MEGWINTV selfish,
I began operating in stance, ask people to see that you like.
MEGWIN director and is the main performer Looking closer to the general audience,
Continue to video production with a focus on the scale, as "the most powerful online video entertainer", through to the post and contest each video media and SNS, a tie-up with companies like,
I aim to "guru" of cultural Add Videos.
Then, the "reality entertainment", the growth trajectory of their day-to-day
I will continue to be published every day.

↓ ↓ about the work of such MEGWIN TV, refer to the following video. ↓ ↓

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