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    About Mephisto

    The evil, demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto comes from eons ago. The Elder Gods, immensely powerful, ruled Earth ages before The First Celestial Host stepped foot on Earth. The monster Atum drove them off, but their mystical energies remained and became the Hell-Lords. Mephisto was the first and is one of the most powerful. Mephisto is a massive demon, an evil lord who steals people's souls and tortures, kills, and attacks the other world. He is obviously modeled after the devil in Christianity, which fits, as he rules over his own Hell-like dimension and steals souls. He steals souls using contracts with mortals, which are often misleading or unfair. He particularly enjoys stealing souls of powerful or very good people. Legend has it however that Mephisto was actually the first Deviant to have been created by The Celestials on Earth during The First Host and was never a demon to begin with.

    Mephisto rules over his own dimension, which he calls Hell or Hades. It's a horrible place, where demons are tortured and torture others, and fiery pits of smoke and lava. Mephisto is nearly unstoppable while in his dimension, possessing power rival to a hungry Galactus. It has it's own demon army which frequently wages war against other dimensional creatures and armies, including Earth's heroes. Mephisto's Realm also is home to Mephisto's Castle, an imposing palace in which Mephisto dwells in, and the Arena of Tainted Souls, where tainted souls are forced to wage war in eternal combat for the demons' amusement.

    The earliest known event concerning Mephisto was centuries ago when Prince Wayfinder (the creator of The Microverse and wielder of the mighty Enigma Force) and his people travelled back in time from the distant future to escape a God-like race of Xenophobic Immortals called The Haamin and built a massive city in a valley at the heart of what would one day become India, from the day they met Mephisto and Wayfinder became bitter rivals and constantly fought each other until the elemental creatures known as The Whirldemons (who sought to kill both Mephisto and Wayfinder and take the Earth for themselves) ignited the events that would lead to Wayfinder merging with The Enigma Force and creating the sub-atomic Microverse for his people to escape to while he imprisoned The Whirldemons in another dimension, leaving the Lord of Lies without anyone to oppose him for Centuries to come.

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