Metal FingerPrintSecurity Lock



You can unlock your phone in style just use the metal fingerprint securuty lock.
Metal FingerPrint Security Lock is awesome Application.

Just the Following Intruction.

1 - Setting the Finger Print Phone Security Environment and press back Button to start the FingerPrint.

2 - Lock your Phone

3 - Touch the lock area to unlock the fingerPrint scanner.

4 - place your thumb to start Scanning

5 - Wait for matching the Thumb.

6 - If match not found try again.

Metal Fingerprint security lockscreen provides real phone locking functionality, based on the smart lock concept.

You are using this app as a lockscreen freely.

This app is a prank which fools your friends into believing that your phone is only unlocked by your thumb print..

*** Key Words: Fingerprint; Scanner; Lock; Futuristic,metal; Finger Print..

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