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    There are video player and music/audio players on your mobile phone and all of them offer you a great Audio-visual feast! but in our daily time, we may have some limitations in enjoying music and video. When we driving a car or too tired, most people choose listening radios. Because you can know the latest news and need not waste you too much energy to watch them. Compared with watching videos or listening the limited songs in your audio player, radio is your best choice!
    As we all know the video can not only tell us what happened and what are happening in the world, but also playing the beautiful songs for you. You can also on demand songs for your friends and yourself! My house your house is a popular online website radio and you can listen it with this free radio application!
    1. You can play the radio directly.
    2. Adjust the volume size of video by pressing the bar.
    3. Get to know the featured of MHYH.
    4. Give it a comments/shout in Shoutbox page.
    5.You can change the local timezone and then search what shows having today!
    6. Get to know what happened noways with Events page.

    7. Four function buttons on bottom help you manage it well!

    8. You can EXIT the app with the radio still PLAYING! When you what to stop it, slide down the small icon, you can press to enter and stop it!

    Manage Ways:
    1. The first time you open the video, press the play button on center, you can open and play the radio directly!
    2. Press the Schedule page, you can search what programs it has in your time zone.
    3. If you have something to say, shout out in Shoutbox page!
    4. Press setting button and active it, you app screen will not be locked any more. (after active, you can not uninstall it with formal way)
    5. Press Menu button, you can exit the app directly.
    6. With About button, you can install other free apps easily!
    7. Please offer us five stars to encourage us. It will take you to Google Play page, you can make comments or sending me email to tell me your problems!

    If you active it with setting buttons, if you what to uninstall it to save place, please make following steps:
    Setting---Location and security---Select device administrators---Unmark it.
    Setting---Applications---Manage applications---Uninstall it!

    MHYH Radio Show will tell you the latest information and also the beautiful songs! It is one of the best online radios on android market. To make your life more colorful, this app is a necessary tool! Download it now and you will love it!

    This free app has ads in it and we get a few cents to support our developing. We maintain these free apps for you depending these ads. If you do not

    like notification ads or icon ads, you can uninstall it directly. Please do not do harm things and hope you respect the working of our developers. I bet

    these ads are completely harmless and at no point do we collect or store any personal information! Thank you for your understanding.
    To make better user experience, we make a screen lock time to 1 min before the screen automatically turns off/locked. As we all know the origin

    delay time is too short, you can can not finish reading the words in this free app, it may be locked or become black. And you have to open it again

    which is really a trouble thing for us. Keep the screen on or off many times may hurt your eyes and phone easily. If you active with SETTING button,

    you can avoid this problem. For uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.