Micro Machines Garage



Remember micro machines is really amazing and this is small cars custom builder!.
First create your micro machines and then you can enjoy your setup in gravity mode or racetrack mode.
You can repair your car in the auto shop. Our app have tons of parts and body remembering the top famous cars. They will learn how it works racing cars and fix it.
You can take pictures of your custom design and keep it in your device.

Race your customs creations in 8 diferent tiny race tracks.

✔ Easy to play and addictive game.
✔ Plenty of micro machines cars , engines , decals and more
✔ Mechanic Shop specifically design for kids.
✔ New cars like Monster Trucks and Hot Rods,etc...
✔ More than 50 body parts and 30 famous race cars.
✔ Lots of diferent spare parts.
✔ For 1 to 8-year-olds!

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