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Milk the cow and see who does it faster

  • funny at first
  • Show to your friends
  • Useless
  • It gets boring and repetitive

"Life with cows"

Milk The Cow does exactly what its title says. You goal is to milk the cow as fast as you can (the clock is set on the top center of the screen) by tapping and dragging your finger towards the bucket.

This game is rather pointless and it sure takes long to finish each milking so it gets pretty boring after a while. It might be funny at first, though, as it's really original and you'll want to show it to your friends. Besides the originality, there's no much behind this simple app.

Lemondo LTD is the developer of Milk The Cow and Crack your screen, another Android app. If you'd like to download it and use it once it could be fun but it's not recommended for more than one game.

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Aug 30, 2011

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