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    Have you ever thought : what if your Android device could be so advanced, that it would read your own mind? How ?? Try this amazing magical Mind Reading Game for FREE !! to get the answer.

    Mind Reader - Card Game is amazing app that can read people's mind, works for everybody and every time. Excellent mind storming game and a perfect way to test IQ. Play it with your friends and family to read their mind and have fun.
    Try once and you will like the way it reads your mind and it's correct prediction will definitely amaze you a lot. You can even have more fun by tricking your friends and family , just by telling them that you have a magical card game in your Android device, you will surely amaze them with it's extraordinarily correct prediction.

    As game starts you'll see some cards on your Android screen and all you have to do is to pick a card in your mind and stare in awe. Next time when group of cards will appear, the selected card disappears before your eyes. Guess how??
    You have to play to know the trick. Make fun with your friends and download it for FREE!!
    This is a simple, fun trick and mind game. Enjoy the magic :)

    Features :
    1. Small magic tricks with cards, appealing graphics and lots of sound effects to keep you busy for long time.
    2. High contrast color scheme so that small screen devices with low resolutions can easily see what's on the screen.
    3. Simple and easy to play but involves a good mind exercise.

    A fun card trick that is bound to amaze you. The most amazing card trick of all times.
    Test your android phone mind-reading technology and put it through its paces with this simple test.
    Inspite of it's HD Graphics it's look is quite plain and simple, this is to enable the amount of data on display to be easily viewed and to conserve memory on even low memory systems so that more people can enjoy the awesome trick.
    Try to reveal this magic trick, if you think you are very smart :)

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    Amaze your friends with this cool mind game and have a lot of fun with this game!

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