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Shortcut to HomePage tab of the website!!!! Shortcut to Favorite rappers on the site!!!! Join the site and be part of the crew!

All download links do not work since it is piracy! This app is made more just to see albums and rappers that are unknown. Please Note: Download links do not work because it is illegal thanks.

Welcome to App. This App is meant to be a BETA App till the (REAL) MobbMuzik site finally comes out with their App. My App has no intention of making money! App is for entertainment purposes only and was created so you can be able to enjoy the website in App form using the App on your mobile devices. All i did was add shortcuts to the tab by copying the (url link) of the website. This App will be taken off as soon as makes their App! I'm claiming this App as a BETA App.

Thanks And Enjoy

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