Mobostrobe enables your device to become a sound and music controlled Stroboscope, by using the camera flash LED. The flashlight follows the rhythm of the melody and adjusts by the music beats.

With a simple to use interface, powerful settings and fine-tuned algorithms, it is at your disposal at any time. Mobostrobe is suitable for a wide variety of musical genres, such as Techno, Trance, Disco, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative, Pop, and more. You may use it at parties, in the club, in the car, outdoors, in every place you listen to your favorite tracks and want to have fun. Show your friends what your phone can do!

You can easily record and save the location's environment parameters to achieve every time the best flash effects with very quick settings.

It has also a screen visualizer with configurable background color and several useful settings for fine tuning the app's behavior to your preference.

The application was developed and tested on a limited number of devices (especially flash-enabled HTC, Samsung), so it is possible that on your specific device it will not work as intended. To avoid this situation, please get first the free version, and only then, if you like it, buy the Pro version.

However, if you try the “Free” version and you realize that it doesn’t work well for you, please let us know, send us a message with the problem’s description, mention your type of device and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Enjoy your favorite tracks, with Mobostrobe!

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