mosquito killer Plus



Mosquito femoral stroke (ultrasonic generator)

- Description

Fall, but mosquitoes are becoming more
Weng-Weng in my ears - the sound of the streets, not tossed Did not sleep last night?

Do you use the ultrasonic generator.

Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, moths, and even jwikkaji
Insects to communicate with ultrasound by generating strong ultrasonic
Simple but very useful application helps you to block access.

If a mosquito this summer - ultrasonic generator - the end of the war against

And one more thing to bed now eats mosquitoes

- Usage

When switched on with a touch of pests like mosquitoes and a variety of
Ultrasound can be generated and they're sleeping comfortably.

- Note

The ultrasound causes the ears of the public will not be heard.
(If the volume to maximum nophi people may not feel very finely, depending on)

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