MosukeClock CowCat CuckooClock



After resident, it will display in just hour 00 minutes.
Mosuke Clock, Mosuke(cow cat) of a lovely cat announces you time for every o'clock.
The cat version of a cuckoo clock.

MosukeClock CowCat CuckooClock
MosukeClock Cow Cat Cuckoo Clock

Please see a [Web page] for more details.


I registered in the market by the time signal clock similar if you can send us your pet photos (ex. cats and dogs, only animals) .

What you send
- (Image that has alpha chanel seethrough manipulating the background, up to 12 sheets maximum) photo
· (Mp3 format and wav, up to 12 maximum) pet voice
· (I use the name of the application) Name of pet
- (I used to describe the app) self-introduction of pet
- (Image in PNG format of 48x48 dots will use the icon of the app) icon image

Mail to
Please send email and attachments in "Clock announced commemorate" the title.

ToraClock Tora Chan Tiger Cat
ToraClock TigerCat CuckooClock
ToraClock Tiger Cat Cuckoo Clock

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