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    Play many videos directly for free!

    Fed up with lining up to wait for the sale of film tickets?
    Or tired of standing noisy neighbors of your seat?
    This app may offer a fresh experience of enjoying a film at ease.
    You can have your own cinema.

    Have you ever troubled in looking for an avi media player to play your avi files directly?
    Do you complain too much about the subtitle?
    Or tired of treating your phone screen too careful to avoid of touch screen problems?
    Today, this app may help you out of all these problems.

    1. There is a list of your video files.
    If not, you can FRESH it from FULL FRESH, AVI FRESH, RMVB FRESH and MP4 FRESH.
    Then, you can get a relative list.
    2. You can play, pause and forward, backward your movie.
    3. You also can set your screen brightness and volume on your left and right.
    Just pull it up and down.
    4. Want to share an exciting scene with your friends?
    You can make a screenshot and save it on your SD card.
    5. You can have a more accurate view at one scene by changing its size.
    6. Simultaneous subtitle is also available to your watching a movie.
    If you want to enjoy a French movie but you have no idea of what they are talking, you can download a subtitle file on your SD card.
    7. A big surprise for you is you can lock screen from closing a movie.
    When you watch a movie, you can lock screen.
    This doesn't mean that you are facing with a black screen.
    The movie is on, and you just can't pause or forward the movie.

    This is mush helpful for your Android touch screen.

    8. There is also a file browser and image searcher for you.

    Come and download this app for free!
    Download Movie Show now!
    If you like it, please rate it.
    Any problem, please email me.

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