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    Music Girl is a music player that your favorite character will be dancing for you while playing the music!
    You can enjoy the AR (Augmented Reality) effect by the “AR On/Off” function through the camera of your own mobile device, smartphone etc. Through this AR function, your favorite character preforms dances as is in your room and can take picture together with you!

    New songs, characters and functions will be released soon!

    The app includes the followings:
    Model: Sora Amaha, Nana Haruka, Konko Fokkusu, Mirai Suenaga, etc.


    ・Menu and Feature Description
    You can buy character (model), motion and pack content as options.

    You can select (character (model), motion and music) pack content that you have downloaded.

    [Sensor On/Off]
    You can play and see the character in any angle by tilting your own mobile device with Gyro sensor equipped.

    [AR On/Off]
    Through the camera of your own mobile device, you can composite the character and the real environment.

    Cube Mapping. You can see the characters as if they are located within the 3D space.

    You can take composite photograph when “AR” function is “On,” and share the photograph to others through social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Line, etc.

    It is possible to add and display multiple characters (models) in one mobile device, and change the motion of each added character (model).
    However, in the case when multiple characters (models) have been loaded, the motions for all the characters (models) will also need to be load.

    You can adjust the ambient light and directional light sources.

    Detailed and advanced settings for each loaded model, motion and music.

    [Touch Screen]
    You can rotate, change the scale and move the character (model) to your desire position by touching and dragging the character (model).

    [Save the Smartpac]
    You can save the combinations of character (model), motion and music that you selected.

    Google+ MikuMikuStudio

    It is recommended after Android OS4.0.
    May not correspond properly in some mobile devices.

    © 6D Animation Inc.
    © Promising Software Co.,Ltd.

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