Music Xpress



Music Xpress is a fantastic android media application that lets you to quickly listen to music, watch videos and allows instant audio and video recording. Music Xpress gives you the power of three awesome features in one single application i.e. play your audios, videos and audio/ video recording instantly without wasting any time. Music Xpress is a smart and active application that detects existing media from your phone’s SD card and plays them instantly. Now stop looking out for bundle of appliances, when you get them all in one.
See what Music Xpress can do for you:
1.Automatic reading of multimedia from your SD card.
2. Smart play button that instantly gives you instant result.
3. Highly intuitive playlist editing and creation.
4. Smart media features to set repeat, shuffle, mute and replay.
5. Exit instantly via “EXIT” button.
6. High clarity background resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.
7. Sort audio data via album, artist, playlist etc.
Extremely user friendly access.

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