Music Mob is an original and creative way to use your smartphone and SOCIALIZE. It’s a new way to SURPRISE AND INVOLVE your old and new friends. It’s a simple and enjoyable idea to be used by many people simultaneously!

    With MusicMob, you can CREATE “musical events”, INVITE your friends and SHARE everything on the social networks, just with few taps.

    Choose you track or sound effect, create the “event” by selecting place and time, and invite as many people as possible, since the more you are, the more amazing the result! You just have to join and keep the volume of your smartphone loud!

    Download it and let your friends download it, then try how it works!

    Use MusicMob to create a polyphonic sound, to make a surprise for a special occasion, to involve people around you, and to create together a new EVENT.

    Use it at the stadium with your friends, at school with your schoolmates, at work during breaks, or when you take part in a public event.

    Use it at the disco with DJs, during the Events created by your friends, or wherever you want.

    You just have to STAY IN SYNC with MUSICMOB, and you’ll be a protagonist!

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