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The Application provides skill tree & stat point simulation for Ragnarok Online 2 (RO2) in your Android Phone.

All 10 classes of characters are supported.

You can use it to keep trace of your desired built. And you can even share your built with your friends via the Sharing Code. And most importantly, it is Charge-free and Ad-free!

Current version is a beta version. Please drop us an email if you have a bug to report. Features and improvement suggestions are welcomed too.

More development is in progress and schedule to release soon. Stay tune.

If you like the App, please help us to rate it and share it to your friends. We hope you enjoy the App as much as the Game.



Change Logs:
2013.03.09 (v0.17) - Allow landscape mode. Added Cast-Time for all skills. Added crash report sending. (Internet Permission needed)
2013.02.22 (v0.16) - Allow move to SD Card. Fix several bugs.
2013.02.06 (v0.14/0.15) - Updated sorcerer skill description. And some bug fixed.
2013.01.28 (v0.13) - Added skill description and cool down period for each skill level as many has requested.
2013.01.20(v0.12) - The App is renamed to "My RO2 Planner". Updated app theme and skill icons. Support stat progress tracking.
2013.01.14(v0.10/0.11) - Improved profile selection. Updated some skill description based on SEA server. And added summary screen.
2013.01.13(v0.9) - Added stat point calculator and skill description list view.
2013.01.08(v0.8) - Fixed Monk and Beast master skill point. Fixed Warrior skill name mistake.
2013.01.06(v0.6/0.7) - Collection of bug fixes.
2013.01.05(v0.5) - Display bug fix for Android 2.x phones.
2013.01.04(v0.4) - Enable profile sharing via Sharing Code. Fixed some bugs.
2013.01.03(v0.2/0.3) - Improved icons and added dependency lines. Fixed some bugs.
2013.01.02(v0.1) - Basic features added.


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