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Schedule air dates of your favorite TV shows and get notifications

  • Original
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  • Easy to use
  • Design
  • Should integrate main channels programming (guide)

"Don't miss a single episode"

You want to keep yourself up-to-date of too many TV shows but you find difficult to remember their air dates, so you end up missing some episodes. That's OK. You aren't alone. Fortunately, Matthew Rice has come up with a solution: My TV Shows.

This app allows you to schedule broadcasting date and time and channel of your favorite TV shows and set reminders not too miss them. Once all the TV shows you are currently watching are set, you only have to select the weekday and set what's up to.

Henceforth, you can add new TV shows, see all them listed and share them with your friends. The latter is a good way to recommend and get recommendations from friends.

The app is set in a simple - I'd say sober - yet user-friendly interface. It needs a design revamping since the premise backing the app is engaging enough. It would also be great if it were integrated with main channels programming (guides).

Regardless, a recommended app for those forgetful TV Shows fans.

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