Namo Chai - Tea Recipe



An application made by Narendra Modi supporter who wants see Narendra Modi as India's PM.
This application gives various chai (Tea) recipes like the classic Tapri Vali Cutting Chai, Ginger Tea to some of the exotic teas like Almond Vanilla Iced tea or the Saunf Khas Khas Tea.
Let us all unite with one intention and Vote for India. Spread the message over a cup of Tea. Chai pe karte hai charcha.
Brand India Focus 5 Ts: Talent , Trade, Tradition, Tourism and Technology.

Narendra Modi lao desh bachao !! NaMo is the only hope.
Note: This application has been made by NaMo supporter and any dispute if arises Narendra Modi or any political party should not be held accountable. In case of disputes, contact the developer.

!!Vote for India !! Vote for Narendra Modi !!

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