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    The most complete Netflix queue manager on Android. Please email with any problems or suggestions or contact us on Twitter @SporadicSoftwre

    If you are seeing empty queues, empty search or empty title pages, please try the 'Clear Tokens' option in Preferences or re-installing the app (uninstall/install).

    NOTE: NetQ cannot be moved to your SD card IF you use the widget

    If you are being force to re-authenticate every time, please try the 'Clear Tokens' option in Preferences or re-installing the app (uninstall/install).

    INFO: Netflix is removing access to all rental history access (as of 9/15/12) (At Home, Shipped, Returned, & Watched). This will also disable the "Remove Watched Instant" feature and the "Check if already..." options

    INFO: Netflix's new Profiles are not available to 3rd-party apps at this time

    If the app is stuck at downloading, please go to and verify your credit card details


    -STREAMING! If NetQ determines that the Netflix app is installed you will see a play icon overlaying the box art in the movie details screen (if the movie is available to watch instantly). Touching the box art will now launch the Netflix app and start playing the movie. If the title is a Series or Season, you will first be shown a list of episodes to watch. Selecting one will launch the Netflix app and start playing the episode.
    -Rotten Tomatoes scores and reviews
    -Add movies currently in theaters to your disc queue
    -Search YouTube for movie trailer
    -Set/change format (DVD/Blu-ray)
    -drag-&-drop queues (using box art or drag icon)
    -barcode search (requires the free ZXing Barcode Scanner app)
    -search IMDb (either through the Browser or the IMDb Android app)
    -add NYTimes reviewed movies to your queue
    -search from Quick Search Box (Google Search widget)
    -configurable widget
    -share ratings and movies w/Facebook
    -browse by genre and filter results
    -search titles,people,instant titles,queues
    -remove entries from disc queue when found in instant queue
    -remove entries from Instant Queue that you have already watched
    -move titles from Disc to Instant queue (if available)
    -add future Instant titles to local queue. Setting available to automatically check if movies are available and add them to your Instant queue
    -separate wifi/3G/edge settings
    -long press a movie title in a list for available options
    -in a movie's details screen you can press the box art to open the Netflix webpage for the movie
    -view cast list of a movie and view other titles featuring a given cast member
    -view similar titles
    -view Netfix's Recommendations for you
    -Instant Only Mode

    NOTE: NetQ cannot be moved to your SD card IF you use the widget

    STREAMING (If the Netflix app is installed and supports your device see:

    -Future Watch Instantly feed is sparsely populated. Netflix is not properly reporting future Instant release titles in their API. They are aware of the problem.
    -TV series/seasons/discs cannot be added to your Disc queue
    -Netflix log-in page is missing the log-in image. Pressing the ? icon will still log you in
    -Shortcut in home screen does not work after update. Simply remove the shortcut and re-add it

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