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nikoniko style comment camera

by: T_DASH


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It did not see such a useless function. To listener [yau] main p that the comment flowed to the player style of animation with a smile and 'Smiling animation style camera' appearance ♪ smile animation that was able to add my comment is loved. w to have ..the application program wanting it... use it for a person not so either by all means once

It was and did not seem it ・・・ It is ..such [noa].. ..obstruction.. [nadakedaro] rather than. There is caring the voice either.
The comment flows to Nico movement [manma] and subject is hidden (* [no] ω [no]).
It is an unnecessary function in this camera ・・・ The sense to which it laughs and the world of) camera is copied by attaching the comment is exactly broadcast ..the enjoyment as the joke application program.. ..(... It is feeling.

【 operation explanation 】
To the reference image origin in order from the left ..under the explained screen..
・Input ・・・ Input of comment
・Output ・・・ The input comment is thrown on the screen.
・Coment On/Off ・・・ Display/non-display switch of comment
・Camera ・・・ It arrives and taking a picture is simple.
Does the comment where it is entered one's comments that it likes it about me and ♪ ..taking the photograph.. flows become interesting depending on use, too??

A pay version is prepared.
The (*__) function of a pay version : ..considering purchase by all means when it likes this free version...
・Zoom Inn/out of Camera
・Adjustment of amount of comment
・Adjustment of comment speed
・Shutter muffling
・There is no advertisement.
It becomes it.
The price is very \100.
It is cheaper to buy the juice in the vending machine and the convenience store about there.
It is not an articles of consumption, and it doesn't erase because it is data and it remains when almost permanent.
[Maa;o] is profitable. ・・・・・・ ..becoming it.. [kanji] is person (・ω・o) [ne] of - (o・ω・) ..doing...

【 remarks 】
・To preserve the taken image, it accesses storage. The photograph is preserved in the "nikonikoCamera" folder.
・To display the advertisement and to optimize it, it connects it with the network.

【 correspondence os 】
Android2.3 or more

【 model that has confirmed the operation 】

Retrieval tag [u] and AR camera synthesis camera composite picture synthesis application program with a smile broadcasting and Nico life.. with a smile with comment

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