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#Non-Now TV customers can enjoy Now TV’s free content without logging in.
#Existing Now TV customers are eligible to watch selected channels they have subscribed to on Now Player.

Popular Now TV channels – free of charge
‧ Now News – local economy, political and international news
‧ Now SPORTS Prime – 24-hour non-stop highlights of major sports events

Subscribers of selected Now TV content can also view live channels/on demand programs on Now Player:
1. Sports
2. Movies/ Drama
3. Entertainment
4. Kids
5. News/ Info
6. Travel/ Documentary
For more information, visit Now Player web page:

Please note that your access to any programme, channel and/or content on the Now Player service can be terminated at anytime without prior notice.

Remarks: Content on mobile devices (including mobile phones and tablet PCs) may differ from those on TV because of broadcast licensing issues. Service update and promotion notifications will be pushed through the Now Player application. Customer can turn off the notifications in Settings.

Q: I am an existing Now TV subscriber, so how can I watch channels I have subscribed to, or buy new channels?
A: Please call the hotline on 28880008 (press 2) for inquiries.

Q: Programs cannot be played on Now Player. How can this matter be solved?
A: Please ensure your iOS/Android device / Computer is equipped with the listed requirements and the OS/Android is original and unmodified. Besides, the error messages should give a reason of failure.

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