Nudes a Study in Psatishe



PynCode Study of Nudes in Pastiche


Linking offline media to online content

pynCode now lets you see a random selected artistic rendering of over a hundred topless models in various

artistic formats and as different images to view, while also using the pynCode Navigator to directy access

related online content.
If you want to go dirrectly to website content then pick ' 0 ' on the slide button
If you want to view one image then pick ' 1 ' on the slide button
If you want to view '5' or '10' different images and see how many you can remember the rendering of then

choose the related number on the slide, to place the button on.
All images will be viewable randomly and are viewable from 1 sec to .5 sec depending on what number you

To try image bursts enter the pynCode ' pyncode ' and then choose how many views you want to see.

This version of pynCode includes a multi search facility that lets you choose from 10 different search engines

to make a search with.
The variety of different search engines include the most common plus individual category usage, such as

‘eBay’ for direct searching, ‘pipl’ for people finder, ‘Answers’ reference material, ‘KMLE’ medical dictionary,

‘picsearch’ for an image search, ‘Scirus’ scientific information, and ‘Kartoo’ a multi engine search.
pynCode will be adding additional specific search engines and look forward to suggestions of what you

would like to have included.

The pynCode Navigatr enables direct related website access using a pynCode you can make a pynCode or

photopyn by going to the pynCode website.

All search engine names are trade mark registered to the individual search engine provider and pynCode is

a trade mark of pynCode Limited.

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