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She is a clairvoyant, a universal medium, and a numerologist.

She is Mara the Medium. And if you love psychic reading, she is interested in talking with you.

Are you looking for LUCK, LOVE, SUCCESS ? Use Mara's psychic powers as well as her being a numerologist and tarot reader to learn more about your future in the no cost best psychic reading.

Mara the Medium is going to tell you how to get a free psychic reading. Just use this app to find out more.

I am offering you my psychic powers as well as my deep knowledge as numerologist and tarot reader, in order to provide you with a professional service.

All you have to do is fill out the form to receive your first study for free.

Who is MARIA?

In a few minutes you’ll know all about her. Maria has nothing to hide from anyone, especially people who seek her help, which she gives so generously because she wants to find positive solutions to what are often urgent problems, and the anxiety they create.

For close to 15 years Maria has been using her Gifts to help people on five continents. As a Universal Medium she has continued developing her parapsychic and esoteric skills, as well as absorbing everything science has to offer, in order to benefit people who are in need or distress.


Maria owes her gifts of clairvoyance to a precious family heritage: her great-grandmother was consulted by all the crowned heads of Europe at the end of the 19th century.

Her mother and grandmother, who both inherited the extraordinary gift, were guests of many of the great people of the time. So it’s no surprise that in her childhood little Maria felt herself endowed with fabulous power.

No one in the family was in the least surprised, and each did their best to inform, educate and reveal her Destiny to Maria so that, in these hard times, she could provide succor to the hearts and minds of people in need.


For Maria, being a clairvoyant medium is part of her being. She doesn’t need tea leaves or a crystal ball. She feels, she sees, she interprets. Her Guardian Angel told her there were many ways to help people overcome their stress and anxiety, and resolve their real problems. She studied the Cabbala, Dream Interpretation, and various schools of Mysticism. She’s interested in everything, and has a fascination for the Tarot and the science of numerology. where all the most important events in human existence can be found. She is a great specialist, recognized the world over.


"You Madam, You Sir, to whom life still seems to be denying joy, riches and happiness it so generously grants others, I can guarantee that you too have a lucky Star somewhere in the Sky watching over you! Come to me, let me come to you!


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