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The Cure Singer and Actor best of all time Padre Marcelo Rossi the stronghold of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Latinoamerica.Esta page is made for fans of the wonderful parent who has changed the heart and life
Born May 20, 1963

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Personal Information: Born May 20, 1967. He was raised in Santana, in the north of Sao Paulo with his parents Antonio and Vilma and her two sisters, Monica and Marta.

Raised in the Catholic faith, he left this church in his teens. But according to his own testimony, in 1989 once their physical education curriculum, several family tragedies are brought to the search for faith experiencing a strong time of conversion, prayer groups of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.


1998 - Music for Louvar ao Senhor - 4 copies sold milhões
1999 - Present Um for Jesus - 2.5 milhões
2000 - Novo um Canções for Goals - 2 Milhão
2001 - Peace - 400 000
2002 - Anjos - 150 000
2003 - Maria, Mae de Deus Filho do - 800 000
2006 - Minha Bencao - 1.6 Milhão
2008 - Peace Sim, violence Não - Vol 1 - Ao vivo Interlagos - 400 000
2008 - Peace Sim, violence Não - Vol 2 - Ao vivo Interlagos - 550 000


2003 - Maria, Mae de Deus Filho do (Anjo Gabriel / Ele Mesmo)
2004 - Irmãos of Faith

Personal Interests: is a musician, preacher and Brazilian Catholic priest, become a media phenomenon and mass.

In 1998 he decided to enter the market of music, recording several of his songs, live, on a compact disc entitled "Music for louvar ao Senhor" ("Songs for Praise the Lord" in the Spanish version, released in 2000). In 1999 he released his second CD "Um present for Jesus", and in 200
0, "um Canções for Novo Millennium", in 2001 "Peace", with music by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos, and in 2002, his CD "Anjos". His albums have sold for millions. In 2002, Marcelo Rossi received a Latin Grammy in the category "Gospel". In 2003 he produced his sixth CD and recorded his first film, titled "Maria, Mae de Deus Filho do", which was successful cine.2 rooms in 2004 shot his second film, "Faith Irmaos" successfully similar.

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