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Teach your kids the morals in an innovative way. Inspired from India’s ‘Nitishastra’ which means ‘A book of wise conduct in life’, Panchatantra stories teaches kids how to understand people, how to choose reliable and trustworthy friends, solve problems with wisdom and how to leave peacefully.

We are bringing the new way of teaching the kids moral stories in this book with the animated stories. This is a first of a kind app where we tried to keep the orginal book reading experience along with animation that makes the moral stories interesting to read/watch.

In full version you will get the following features:

-The innovative look and feel that will capture your and your child’s attention with over 70 pages of access.
-The book feature to retain the original book reading experience.
-Tap or Drag to flip feature.
-5 Animated moral stories

Stories in Volume 1

Crocodile & Monkey
Lion & Mouse
Hunter & Doves
Crows & Serpent

Stories in Volume 2
Crane & Crab
Hare & Tortoise
Rabbits & Elephants
Two Cats & A Clever Monkey

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