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PFRPG Assistant is a PFRPG tool for Android that was born from a desire to streamline the tedious aspects of the game, and simplify the game play. It provides players an interface to manage their stats, feats, traits, skills, spells, equipment, buffs, etc. It then auto-calculate bonuses and abilities and manage things such as move, hit bonus, damage, attacks, CMB, CMD, AC, Touch, flat footed, saving throws, attacks, etc. Allow interaction between multiple loaded characters, pets, and NPCs.

Includes a variety of custom tools for: Rolling loot from combat, calculating average damage (DPR), etc.

Choose from a database of over: 1100+ feats, 2200+ monsters, 45 classes, 50 types of armor, 200 weapons, 280 traits, 1500 spells, and more.

What It Does:
Attacks: Standard, Dual Wield, Full Round, Cleave, Doublestrike, Charge, Flurry, Backstab, Ranged
Combat Maneuvers, Saving Throws, Many basic class abilities.

What’s missing?
The majority of the archetypes do not work yet.
Application of feats and trait bonuses that are very limited in scope are typically poorly implemented.
Throwing weapons not well implemented
*Meta magic feat application - Semi working

Future Goals:
Custom Die Rolls
More interaction between characters and NPCs.

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Recently changed in this version

Added in Damage Per Round parser
More interaction between players and pets and monsters.
Fixed a number of bugs that prevented race changing.
Adjusted some of the screens to promote a similar interface across the app.
Crafting allows selection of specific weapons and armor and an option to "craft" it into an object.

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Comments and ratings for Pathfinder Assistant
  • (54 stars)

    by Yeti Harman on 03/07/2014

    Did a test by importing an existing character. You can only go up to level 5 , it only costs 0.99 to unlock level 10. My only complaint is the interface takes some getting used to. Also, no half-orc race. Ill re-evaluate when I get more time, but liking it so far.

  • (54 stars)

    by Romeo Ben Manangu on 01/07/2014

    I've downloaded 4 different character sheet apps but this is the only one with automation AND a good UI! Kudos, sir.

  • (54 stars)

    by Tony Buttafuoco on 27/06/2014

    can't add levels, can't add skills. doesn't have Golarion languages like Kelish. info on feats is good. poor design.

  • (54 stars)

    by Rafe Magnuson on 16/04/2014

    I like where you're going with this. Seems to be a bit slow for some reason though. I'm running cm11 on a Razr Maxx with nothing else in the background and it takes almost a full minute to switch screens. Make it faster, fix some of the bugs others have reported and I'll definitely purchase the full version.

  • (54 stars)

    by Jason Zapasnik on 25/02/2014

  • (54 stars)

    by Darren Hanson on 19/01/2014

    never seems to save anything I do with my character, even if i press save. And, some of the skills won't let me add to their ranks. If it weren't for the bugs, this would be awesome. The implementation of most of the core rulebook into the app is great.

  • (54 stars)

    by ryan mason on 16/12/2013

    Poorly laid out and completely unintuitive. Try harder or quit, because this is a sad poor effort.