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What did Christopher Columbus use for pepper before he discovered America? How do you really measure how 'hot' a chilli is? What should be the right sort of pepper for a 'steak au poivre'? Do all green peppers ripen to red?

PEPPER TRIVIA is full of neat questions and their fascinating answers. Plus, you can find out how to grow them where you are, what are the most interesting and useful sorts to grow (as well as the hottest), odd ways of growing them, how to keep them forever, and, best of all, some good ways to cook with them too.

The app links to a blog where you can post pepper pix, more pepper trivia, questions, pepper problems and meet other ardent pepperheads.

The author has written many successful garden and plant history books, has been a garden columnist for several UK national newspapers, and was once a botanist specialising in agricultural crops.

If you enjoy PEPPERS, TOMATO TRIVIA is also available. Other plant and garden apps are in preparation.

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