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    Phone Fire is a gun simulator which can become your mobile phone as a gun. Your mobile phone will not only can simulate one gun but also can simulate many different kinds of guns including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault, Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns and so on.

    Do you have interest in this app? Let me tell you more information about it.

    1. First, I am pleased to tell you that this is a free app so that you money will be saved.

    2. You should know how to set your mobile phone as a gun before you fire. When you open this gun app, you will be displayed the step to set your mobile phone as a real gun. The volume button is the fire button and you should set your mobile phone according to your habit.

    3. After you have set your phone, you need to start training. The small button in the bottom of left side includes many different training modes and other functions. Three modes of training are provided to you and different mode trains you different items. The training 1 mode is training to learn shooting and use different kinds of guns.

    4. Now let use talk about the training 2 mode which is to train you to shoot the moving target. And you will be trained in different places just like that you are joining a war.

    5. You want to know more about the training 3 mode, right? It is a training to let you learn how to use cold weapon such as sword, slap, punch, hidden weapon and whip and so on.

    6. This app is really good and you can share it with your family and friends by Bluetooth, Gmail and Messaging.

    7. The interface layout of this app is redesigned and it is more practical and can let you get better feeling of different guns

    8. There is a score system and you will hear your score after each fire.

    Phone Fire is a phone gun app which is used on android mobile phone. You can use it to make your mobile phone become a gun. When you grasp your phone, you will feel that you are grasping a real gun; you can hear the shooting sound.

    Phone Fire is a functional cell phone gun app for android because it has the ability to make your mobile phone simulate many different guns. You can have the feeling of using different guns and get to know which gun your like best.

    Do you like gun game and do you desire to grasp a real gun and fight in different places just like that you are playing the CS game. Then android phone fun app that is Phone Fire can realize your dream. You should try it and you must love it.

    A gun is one muzzle or breech-loaded projectile-firing weapon. There are different definitions depending on the nation and branch of service. Any "gun" may be distinguished from other firearms in being a crew-served weapon such as a howitzer or mortar, as opposed to a small arm like a rifle or pistol; however, there are exceptions, such as the U.S. Air Force's GUU5/P. At one time, land-based artillery tubes were named cannon and sea-based naval cannon were also called guns. The term "gun" evolved into a generic term for any tube-launched projectile-firing weapon used by sailors, including boarding parties and marines.

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