Photo Lock Pro



Lock your photos!!
This application allows you to lock your photos so that they are not available for others.
Before uninstalling this application make sure you unlock all your locked photos otherwise you will be never able to access them.
To use the application is authenticated first by a password. The default password is "admin". You can change your password by editing your profile. Also you can set your email id. In case you forget your password you can use the "Forgot Password" feature and the password will be sent to your email id.
To lock passwords select the pictures you want to lock and lock them using lock/unlock button. Now no one can see your locked pictures. If you want to see those pics you can unlock them via the application using same "lock/unlock" button.

*In full version
You can view the locked photos using the application. In view locked photos click on the photo to view it. To unlock select the photos and unlock.
Locked photos are deleted from the gallery.
Separate lock and unlock screen.

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