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    Amaze your friends with your creativity by drawing like a pro!

    * Take a picture or load from gallery and start drawing on it.
    * Replace the photo with a white canvas, it will appear as you draw it by yourself!
    * Paint on your friends photos, it hold endless possibilities for pranks and humor :)
    * Share your amazing and funny drawings on Facebook.

    Let us help you with a short instructions of how to use picAdraw:
    1. Start by finding your drawing object, opening picAdraw app and try to get the best point of view to take your shoot. just push the camera orange button. you can always reopen the camera mode with the same button and try again.
    2. Now slide you finger on the color capsules to chose the exact color you wish to use.
    3. Adjust the Paintbrush size with the yellow size button and start drawing. if you made a mistake, don’t sweat it you can always use the purple eraser button for erasing with your brush size eraser.
    4. Sometimes its hard to understand what part of the picture you still have to draw, so we came up with our green button to put white-paper behind your artistic drawing. you can hide the white-paper with the same button.
    5. When your drawing is painted to your satisfactory, you can save share your art on Facebook on white canvas or with the original picture. it is a fine quality of artists to listen to the review and opinion of others. it can be satisfactory enriches and one of the best lessons of an artist.

    Instead of accepting your inability to draw nicely, use picAdraw and find out how artistic can you be. picAdraw is a fun and easy way to learn how to look at an object from a painter point of view.
    The secret old way to learn how to paint like an artist revealed. In the past people learned to draw and paint by laying down a rice paper on a picture, drawing guide lines on it and color painting it.
    Let your friends guess what you drew by sharing it on Facebook with or without the original picture. you can save your art masterpieces on Facebook or on your smart-phone SD memory card.
    our design is slick and fun, with capsules of color and shiny control buttons, so drawing is fun and beautiful.

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