Pick Up Babes



Hi Beanie Bum.

Wanna know how YOU can be constantly thrusting into a forest of fabie-labie babes? Easy! I'm gonna teach YOU all the chat. How YOU can get their winkies coming your way. How YOU can take them to pads-ville and do the biggy twizzle tonight. How YOU can poke your proboscis into the honey hive. YOU! The bingee-babe magnet! YES YOU! Babes are the way to go and my Pick-Up lines will take YOU to fun-fantabie-town in less than a knats nanno.

Yours in slides.

Mr Smartass.



Always have the right pick-up line for any situation.

Beach Babes. Club Babes. Working Babes. Vacation Babes. Just waiting for you.

Simply answer a series of general questions about yourself to find your "maleness". Once done, you are ready for pulling the babes.

When a Babe comes into view, click through a selection of points about her. Your "Mr Smartass, How to Pick-up Top Babes" app will show a percentage rating for her, then it will display the appropriate pick-up line so you can make certain contact.

With hundreds of pick-up lines for all situations in the palm of your hand, you will be the one who makes the most conquests.

* See how your own personal pulling power rates against your mates.
* Be confident that you have a perfect intro even with the top untouchable babes.
* Always have the right thing to say when a babe smiles at you.
* Use the PANIC BUTTON when you need a line fast.
* Be safe in the knowledge that Mr Smartass is always by your side.


Mr Smartass can NOT be held responsible if babes want to lick you all over.