Ping Pong / Table Tennis Air



Accelerometer based ping pong / table tennis app that mimics the ping pong experience. This is a fun app by yourself, in pairs, or in a group, pretend hitting an invisible ping pong ball back and forth.

3 sound styles:
- Paddle Hit
(Sound of a ping pong ball against a paddle)

- Paddle Hit + Table Hit
(Simulate with a friend, or pretend you are hitting a ball to no one, or a wall)

- Paddle Hit + Table Hit + Paddle Hit + Table Hit
(Simulate against an auto hitter)

4 timing settings and 4 Force settings
The amount of time the ball in the air can be adjusted, also the sound of the paddle hit can be changed, and also the a couple Accelerometer settings can be adjusted.

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-Enhance your ear coordination
-Burn calories
-Escape from the hardships of reality and reach unity with the universe by hitting an imaginary ping pall ball.
-Other stuff, I dunno be creative

Tags: table tennis , 4 star ping pong ball , gangnam style ping pong paddle , table tennis blades

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