point 골프스타 코레일톡 애니팡 사천성 지하철종결자



Point-to-point and once given the points to connect to the free brain puzzles.
Beautiful constellations by connecting all the points stick.
However, once past the line can not pass again.
Very simple but addictive high.
AU is a fun puzzle anyone can enjoy.

Point-to-Point Features ** **
1. Overabundance Stage
    - 10 level stage consists of a total of 200
Two. Light Puzzle
    - Making our application know-how has made ​​as light as possible.
    - Please enjoy easy, comfortable and fun
Three. Game-like configuration
    -Like game fun configured.
    - Are you ready to party?

Now that is fun, you'll have fun! I know the feeling ...

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