===== HOWTO
Use the Menu button to switch between views.
Select new Pokemon by clicking on their image on Detail view or clicking on List view
On list view the current selection is highlighted with an orange background.
Have a look at the Options view. There you can include and exclude types like Water or Dragon by clicking on them. You can also choose how to order the List or choose the generation of your game and choose your language.

===== Description
This app is a new Pokedex for all 5 generation video games of Pokemon.
It is designed to work on tablets AND smartphones! Screenshots are all made on a tablet with partly scaled gui to show the modified design for smartphones!
It's features are:

Dual language:
- English
- German
Free sortable and filterable list of all 649 Pokemons
- include/exclude filter for types (e.g.: Electro, Water)
- Sortable by:
- - National-Dex
- - Attack
- - Defence
- - Special Attack
- - Special Defence
- - HP
- - Speed
- - Color (only grouped)
- - Size
- - Weight
Detail-Page showing detailed informations about the selected Pokemon containing:
- National-Dex
- Einall-Dex
- Type
- Ability
- Size
- Weight
- Species
- Color
- Base stats
- Evolutions with corrosponding triggers
- "Level-up attacks"
- TM/HM list
- Gender rate
- Damage factor
- Locations
- EXP to lv 100
- Base EXP
- Capture rate

See the screenshots for more informations!

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