Police Radar Detector



Detect any police car with Police Radar Detector !

Install to you phone for FREE!
Fool your friends or have a laugh! Make people think that your phone can detect police car or police officers!
This is one of the best prank apps on the market.

Find police officer in your neighborhood. Use the different sensors of your modern smart phones and bundled them to a signal on your screen in the form of radar.

With the use of GPS, the compas and other sensors in your phone you can simulate nice graphical screen but not real scanning

The smart phones are very powerful in performanse but technically it is not possible to expose a police officer with the phone.
But that doesn't mean that it will prevent you from having a lot of fun. You still can get a lot of fun with the app, because your friends do not know this and you can make jokes with them. They will think you've got a real police detector in your mobile.

***disclaimer this app is just a fun-app, a prank to trick your friends. ***

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