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Popar® Planets 3D is an digital way to explore the universe with both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality!

What are Popar® Toys?
Popar® Toys uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create an immersive 3D playing experience that will allow the user to see their toys come alive with incredible virtually “real” 3D objects, animations, and interactions. Popar® Toys are designed to change the way we interact and experience stories, adventures, and learning.

What is Augmented Reality?
Popar® Toys Augmented Reality (AR) is a ground breaking concept that uses a mobile/smart device and special Popar® products to make amazing 3D objects and animations appear in the real world that provide a high degree of engaging educational fun that maintain interests in all the Popar® Toys series.

3...2...1...Blast-off! Explore the deep regions of our universe in Augmented and Virtual Reality! Use this application in conjunction with the Popar Planets 3D book or cards to see breathtaking digital content jump off of each page! Learn about each planet and the probes sent into deep space to explore those planets! Use your device's accelerometer to discover our solar system's secrets by looking around your own world! Become an astronaut, cosmonaut, or your favorite planet with our Be-It costumes! After you're done learning, go to the game section to download and play Missile DefendAR, an Augmented Reality shooter game!

A universe of education awaits, now it's time for you to explore it!

• Over 22 3D interactive Augmented Reality animated experiences!
• Read along fun fact feature on every object!
• Ages 5+
• Virtual Reality featuring the accelerometer!
• Dress up as an astronaut or your favorite planet!
• Pull Augmented Reality content right off the page with the special “Lock” functionality!

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