Popularity contest



It is an application whose popularity vote is possible using the photoed picture of which a picture and preservation are done.
When you would like to rise by a joint party.
When taking majority by serious street investigation and questionnaire.

? directions-for-use explanation?
First of all, please set up the number of entries with a DOWN-UP button.
It can enter to a maximum of 4.
If the number of entries is decided, a participant will be set up next.
Please input a participant's name in a name input.
Please touch a picture button, if a name is decided.
The saved picture can also be chosen from a gallery although the picture to be used can be photoed also on that spot.
If registration of the name and picture of an entry member finishes, let's input a theme next.
The inputted theme is displayed on the upper part of a screen at the time of vote.
If a setup finishes, it will shift to vote.
Let's touch a photograph portion to vote along with a theme, and push and vote a voting button.
if vote finishes -- still more -- a result -- an announcement -- it is .
A result is displayed after countdown.
Since it is an application which can be used variously anyhow, please enjoy yourself as a thought of that direction.

Tags: コンパ総選挙

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