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Fart sounds and burp sounds are stinky, flatulent and nasty… but funny sounds! Pranks farts burps sounds is a cool application to smile and joke. Get a free whoopee cushion at your smartphone.

- 30 different fart sounds. Whoopee cushion and more.
- 30 different burp sounds. Stinky, flatulent, nasty and more…
- Motion farts and motion burps = Use the motion sensor and shake your smartphone to play different funny sounds. You'll get the best jokes. Who farted? Have you burped now?
- Security = Enable free farts and burps alarm and enjoy its benefits. If someone picks up your smartphone, alarm farts and burps will sound. You can also use it to play pranks and to scare whoever you want.

You will be the king of pranks! You got flatulence? Millions of people farted and burped while you read this description… Free flatulence everyone, because better outside than inside!

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