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A brilliant collection of side splitting pranks.

There are over 260 videos of the best pranks ever played !

The first 27 videos are included and you can choose which others to add.

Sample Pranks:
Funny Pranks - Computer Scare Prank
Funny Pranks - Car Crash Scare
Funny Condom Surprise Prank
Funny Videos Mayonnaise Sunblock Funny Prank
Pranks Funny Videos Funny Porta Potty ATTACK Prank
Funny Videos - Ice Prank
Funny Air Horn Pranks
Funny Videos - Funny Snow Prank
Funny Firecracker Scare Prank
Funny Remote Desktop Prank
Funny Videos - Funny Prank - Pie in Face x2
Funny Videos - Funny Scary Big Foot Prank
Funny Videos - Best Firecracker Prank
Funny Videos - Funny Prank - Exploding POP Can
Funny Videos - Scare Prank SCARED From MOUSE
Hilarious Funny Prank - Car Break-In
Funny Computer Prank
Hidden Camera Prank - Flour Attack Prank
Best Prank Funny Dryer Scare
Kid Freaks out After Funny Prank
Hilarious Stolen Car Prank
Prank While Fixing Car - FUNNY
Funny Prank - Fishing Line Trip
Funny Toothpaste Prank
Funny Bedroom Prank
Funny Videos - Coffee Funny Prank
Funny Teabagged Fan Prank
Funny Shower Surprise Prank
Funny Pranks Invisible Rope
Funny Pranks Potato Cannon ATTACK Prank
Funny Pranks - Invisible Rope Prank II
Funny Video - Invisible Rope Prank
Funny Mall Prank
ANGRY Truck Driver After PRANK
Funny Prank - Flaming Bag of Poop
Funny Pranks Tire Switcheroo Prank
Funny Accidents Scare Prank
Compilation of EPIC FUNNY PRANKS
Funny Videos Bed Collapse Funny Prank
Funny Prank -- Michael Jackson Prank
Funny Pranks - Best Pranks of 2009
Funny Video - Funny Air Horn Prank 2
New Mall Prank by Tom Mabe
Runway Model Prank - Tom Mabe
Door to door Salesman Prank
Fight Me Prank 1 Tom Mabe
Ambulance Prank 1 by Tom Mabe
How To Feed the Homeless - PRICELESS
Fight Me Prank 2 Tom Mabe
Funny Stolen Car Prank - Tom Mabe
Funny Hooters Prank - Tom Mabe
Thats So Gay PSA by Tom Mabe
Funny Handicap Parking Prank
Pizza Delivery Prank
Bass Tournament
Bikini Carwash Prank
Walky Talky Drive Thru HILARIOUS
Tom Mabe Toxic Lake
Drunk Pilot Tom Mabe
Mark Twain censorship
Funny Amish Prank - Tom Mabe
Garbage truck louisville KY
Dont Do Drugs Foo Foo
Homeless Babysitter
Funny Field Of Dreams Prank - Tom Mabe
Most Hilarious Test Drive Prank
Tom Mabe Pixar DriveThru bit
Funny Toilet Elevator Prank
Must Have Parent APP Tom Mabe
How to deal with a Telemarketer by Tom Mabe
Ambulance Prank 3 by Tom Mabe
Ambulance Prank 2 by Tom Mabe
Sold out show two
Dad Plays Scary Prank on His Daughters Funny Snake Prank on Girls Video
Girls Prank Their Dad Then Dad Plays Scary Pranks on His Daughters and Contest
Dad Plays More Pranks on His Daughters and They get Even with Cat Poop
Two Girls Prank Their Dad and Their Dad Gets Even Funny Prank Comedy Reality Video
Scary Maze Game Prank
Scary Maze Game Prank Video The Very First Time Haunted
Girls Prank Their Dad With Spray - They Gave Him a Nasty Drink Funny Reality Video
Girls Prank Their Dad - Water Sneak Attack Funny Reality Video
Girls Prank Their Dad With Hot Peppers and Frogs Funny Reality Fail Video
Girls Prank Their Dad and it Backfires Causing a Big Scare Funny Reality Video
Girl Does Hair Dryer Prank on Her Dad and Sister Funny Reality Comedy Video
Girls get Scared by a Scary Spider Prank - Kids Funny Comedy Video
Grocery Store and Outhouse Pranks - Girls and Dad - Funny Reality Video
Girls prank their father again See Updates on the next Funny prank video
Girls Prank Their Dad With A Loud Falling Object Funny Prank Video Contest
Girls Play a Digusting Prank on Their Dad Cat Poop and Pizza
Girls Prank Each Other and Their Dad with Friends - Funny Comedy Reality Video
Riding Mower Prank on Dad Gone Wrong - Girls Take it Too Far - Reality Comedy Video

and many many more

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