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Pride48 is LIVE IN LAS VEGAS! - Between 14-16th September 2012

Get reduced room rates at the live event in Las Vegas, check the app for details.

The best in GLBT radio and GLBT podcasts 24/7 from Pride48 includes up to the minute GLBT news from

Listen to the worlds best Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender podcasts and radio shows via the Pride48 Radio tuner

A STRONG 3G SIGNAL OR A WIFI SIGNAL IS REQUIRED. A poor signal will result in STUTTERING or drop-outs on the audio. THIS IS NOT A FAULT OF THE APP!!! (The app is playing LIVE radio, it requires a constant unbroken stream of data)

Keep up to date with all the latest GLBT news via the reader.

Pride48 makes time slots available to GLBT and GLBT Friendly podcasters. If a slot is unused then music may be played out in place of a podcast show. This is not under the control of the app developers. Most podcast slots are filled and special 48 hour long marathon events are planned throughout the year, look out for them.

We are not responsible for content broadcast on Pride48.

QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS?: email us at support@lavishfiction with your questions and comments before leaving any feedback, we love to help! We are unable to respond to comments, so please email us instead.

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