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    Welcome to the all new PS4 Spot for Android™ - In depth PlayStation® 4 reviews, PS4™ news and analysis from the most trusted sources in the world. Videos, pictures, tutorials, and a place to share anything PS4™.

    Compiled in a mobile friendly format with easy access on your Android™ device. Get all the latest information on the PS4™ console, PlayStation® 4 games, and quick access to all of our PS4 Spot social features in one place. PS4 Spot for Android™ has no intrusive features, in a lightweight package and collects no personal information.

    Whats Changed?

    PS4 Spot For Android™ is expanding! So much we needed an entirely new application to give our customers. This will be a totally new experience.

    The new PS4 Spot for Android™ will offer:

    --100% original and accurate information that our customers already enjoy in the current PS4 Spot for Android™ Delivered in a beautiful and simple, natural feeling application.

    --HD resolutions and true HD video playback in full screen and landscape modes.

    --Dynamic "hide-able" menu system, beautifully designed and simple to use.

    --Direct and flawless Google+™, Facebook™ and YouTube™ integration and support, you can even use the full functions of your personal profile in our app in real time offering a seemless approach to all your PS4™ needs.

    --New settings interface with options for data usage limits, restrictions, sync options, user themes, and more.

    --Improved load times, from launching services to video playback, everything just got a whole lot smoother.

    --Access to our growing list of PS4™ related products and services. PS4 Spot for Android™ will grow and expand rapidly as launch date nears, including our now under construction PS4 Spot YouTube™ channel, which will offer PS4™ tips and tricks, of coarse some pwnage gameplay action from our staff and a host of other related PS4™ reviews and helpful information. Our PS4Spot Facebook™ page is currently under construction and will offer another way to connect to our social community.

    This application is not provided by, endorsed, licensed or otherwise associated with Sony Computer Entertainment®.

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