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An app for cat lovers of all ages (and soon to be cat lovers)!

According to cats, everyone ought to know, there is nothing better than the sound of a purring cat... A happy kitty is a purring kitty, and cats love sharing their happiness with you. When you pet a cat and it begins to purr, good feelings are yours!

Purr Kitty, from KmBdev, brings this blissful purring experience to Android. Choose any of the three cats in the gallery and, when you pet that kitty, it will begin to purr softly. Continue petting your happy cat and its purr will become louder and louder.

Like all kitties, Purr Kitty's cats do not like for their fur to be ruffled. If you upset them they will cry, and their purr will get softer. Pet them again and they will happily purr louder. With just a gentle touch, they will meow.

Stressed out? Just need your daily dose of cat purring? Love cats? Download Purr Kitty for free and enjoy relaxing to the sound of a purring cat.

To upload a picture of your cat to pet -- Upgrade to Purr Kitty Plus.

Users Terms: http://kmbdev.com/user-terms.html

Note: This is an ad supported app.

Purr Kitty is developed by KmBdev
Visit kmbdev.com

version 2.1:
* Enabled moving to SD card
* Supports 2 languages: English, and French
* Improved graphics on varies screen layouts

version 2.2:
* Link to upgrade to Purr Kitty Plus where you can upload a picture of your favorite cat.
* Supports Spanish
* New Pictures

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