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App in Portuguese (Brazil) and English.
QLinkLegal is an app that brings the best internet links on your mobile! There are many links (photos, videos and texts) that you access when you want! Show it for your friends! We are inserting new links often directly on our server! You do not need to be constantly updating the app. Links are interesting, often funny. Do not bother looking for things to stay cool on the internet. We will do it for you! Everything was turned meme or viral here. When you want, send us an email with cool new content, you may have seen on Twitter or Facebook.

You must be connected to the internet. Remember to watch videos we recommend a 3G or wi-fi.

Links to videos: Psy (Gangnam Style), Jedi cat, UFC 126 Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort, Alex Kidd in Miracle World - Main theme cover, Tupac hologram and Snoop Dogg perform Coachella Live, Michael Jackson best moonwalk ever and more...

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